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Secrets of Youth and Longevity Program

Discover anti-aging secrets that can add years to your life

  • 12 hours
  • 650 British pounds
  • Online session

Service Description

This program will be split into 8 sessions. The duration of each session is 1.5 hour so 12 hours in total. Here is what you are about to learn: 1. All about Nutrition for optimal health Part 1. 2. All about Nutrition Part 2 - superfoods and anti-ageing herbs and plants. 3, Full Body Detox program. Gut Health. 4. Healthy Spine and Joints. Some Yoga and Exercises. Conscious Breathing. 5. Quiet Mind and Emotional Resilience. 6. Everything you need to know about Water. Home Detox ( indoor air, electronic gadgets, Wi-Fi, microwaves, TV, cleansing products). 7. Working with Energy, Aura and Chakras. Energy activation and accumulation. Aromatherapy. 8. Learning new habits. Morning and Evening Rituals. Planing your day. Finding your purpose. In order to become younger and live longer many of our habits must change. To do so effectively we should approach it with an open mind. The condition of the body is the direct result of the mental, physical and nutritional care it receives. To become healthy and younger means knowing and understanding how our body and mind works and how both are connected. Let's face it: our world is changing fast. Our ancestors didn't live under anywhere near as much stress and pollution as we do now. You probably heard about so called "blue zones" like Okinawa in Japan, or Costa Rica or Sardinia, where people lived for over 100 years in perfect physical and mental health. But their world and lifestyle was completely different to ours, and what worked 100 years ago doesn’t work anymore. We’re living in a world with a completely different type of lifestyle, and so a different kind of stress; a world of poor quality food, pollution, pressure from work and family, exposure to electromagnetic waves, and a bad environment. We face challenges to our health every day. To create this program I put together the main elements of ancient wisdom and knowledge about the healing powers of nature, along with modern scientific research, a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, years of my own research and experience, and combined them into a simplified format to suit the modern, fast, and busy way of life.

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United Kingdom

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