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Are you a modern, busy man? Are you working around the clock?


How long do you think you can live like that until you completely run yourself down?

Do you ever struggle with irritability, a low sex drive, fatigue, depression, low moods, and feelings of sadness?


Have you ever noticed how early hair loss, a beer belly, dry skin, bad eyesight, and deep face wrinkles have become the norm for men these days? Some experts argue that men are at risk of suffering the symptoms of a mid-life crisis from the age of 30 to nearer the age of 50. 

The modern world is changing fast. It’s evolving and, if you want to be on top of the game, you need to evolve too - otherwise you’ll fall behind. There is no place for the weak in this fast moving life.

The modern man is feeling more pressure and stress than ever before and it affects his body and mind, big time. 

It’s easy to feel confused when confronted with information about how to be healthier and live longer.


A quick online search of different diets and methods yields more information than the average person can handle.

With so much conflicting information, who are we supposed to believe? And how are we supposed to find out what exactly we need through this chaos?


     When it comes to living your healthiest life, it isn’t                        always easy to know where to begin.


Skip the ‘figuring things out’ part with my step-by-step guide

that will take you from where you are now to a healthy, happy, and vibrant life.

The 1-2-1 4-week challenge with me will save you years of searching for information and experimenting on yourself. It will help you to achieve your optimal state of health and regain the balance in your life - without even trying hard!

Are you ready to learn how to:

•    Develop a more positive attitude towards life

•    Unlock your powers by unlocking your energy

•    Achieve optimal health and regain balance in your life without trying hard

•    Look and feel younger again

•    Boost your immune system

•    Create a massive impact on your own life and the people around you

•    Become the best version of yourself so that you can achieve the most in life

•    Achieve more by doing less

•    Learn how to set personal goals that fuel your purpose and allow you to live a more fulfilled life

•    Get rid of your negative habits and replace them with positive ones

•    Become aware of just how much potential you really have

•    Stay motivated when things aren’t going well

•    Rediscover yourself

•    Say goodbye to the old, unhappy you

Let’s Tweak-U 4-week challenge Overview

Green and purple fresh juices or smoothi


Let’s get this crap out of your system

•    Cleansing your body by using detox methods that suit you

•    Bye-bye, beer belly

•    Eliminating toxins from your body

Man hand on dark background using digita


Making friends with the little buddies in your gut

•    Improving and boosting your gut health naturally

•    Tweaking your diet

•    Boosting and strengthening your immune system

The young and conceptual image of a larg


Slow is Faster

•    Managing your anxiety and thoughts

•    Getting out of your head

•    Becoming emotionally resilient

Determined businessman in suit and boxin


Become a better version of you

•    Getting more results by exercising less

•    Re-learning how to breathe again

•    Unlocking your energy


•    A 45min call once a week to catch up with your progress and answer any questions you may have


•    Daily reminders through the app


•    Weekly challenges and habit tweaking


•    My basic nutrition guide with useful information (PDF)


•     Customised meal plans and cooking classes (if needed)



This is 1-2-1 4 week course where we will interact with each other through the coaching app and phone calls.

We will have a 1.5hr call before the challenge where I will listen to your needs, what you want to accomplish, how you live, and what’s really important to you. I will also send you some forms to fill out before I create the right Tweak-U approach for you; one that’s specific to your goals and your lifestyle. This will be sent to you, I will add you to the coaching app I use, and your journey to a better version of you will begin.





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