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Does your Body need a Service?


Let’s set the stage with a very important question: most of us have cars, right?

How often do you service your car?

How often do you change oil filters, cabin, fuel and air filters?

How often do you change the oil?

What will happen to your car if you don’t service it or change the filters for 5 years? I’m no car mechanic, but I can tell you it’s performance will decrease, it’ll start to make funny noises or it could potentially break down.

So if you want your car to perform well and be safe on a road, we routinely need to keep up on maintenance, change the filters and oil. Just as we cater to the needs of our vehicles, we should cater to the similar needs of our bodies.

Just as a car would break down without proper care, so will our bodies breakdown when they become overused, sick and worn down. Our blood, filled with oxygen, hormones and nutrients is running through our bodies 24/7 and it needs to stay clean. Your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin are your main filters. How clogged up and dirty do you think your body’s filters become after 30, 40, and 50 years of age? Unfortunately, we can’t change or replace filters, but we can clean them. Well how do we do that, you ask? Detoxification is a kind self-service for the body, liken to the service we perform on our cars.

To provide clarity, when I say detox, I don’t just mean a body detox, but also a mental, digital and emotional detox. Our minds, filled with endless thoughts need a refresher, oh and you bet those eyes need a break from all the screen time we force them to endure. A full body detox is really what we’re after here!

So Tell Me the Science behind a Detox

On average there are over 37 trillion chemical reactions per second taking place in your body. WOW! Every bit of food eaten, every thought, every emotion you experience, any physical exercise you perform affects the body through a series of chemical reactions.

Let’s take uric acid for example; this is a product resulting from an excessive consumption of meat. Or lactic acid, which can build up from vigorous exercise. What about emotions, stress, or irritability which triggers hydrochloric acid secretion causing acid reflux. Oh how the list goes on….. I bet you never really thought about your body like this, have you? Talk about a busy chemistry lab!

Most of these products are poisonous to our bodies and need to be removed ASAP! Yes, it’s true that our bodies have a built-in mechanism that allows it to remove toxic substances. However, you can almost guarantee there are interferences with this process.

What do you mean Interferences?

Because we don’t give our body a rest, we push ourselves to the limits, we constantly eat, we are under stress most days, social media influx overstimulates the brain and TV triggers emotions. Our body doesn’t have time to internally cleanse and naturally rid itself of any harmful invaders. You know….germs, pathogens, food products, cellular debris, harmful toxins, etc. It just stores them away anywhere it can within us. Our body becomes our tombs well before we die and as time goes on, the build-up causes us to become “ill”. Illness is a response to a toxic waste overload. So here you see, we have a toxic crisis. Literally. Your body is screaming for help. Have you noticed when you become ill nothing sounds appetizing and you don’t want to interact with people, rather what you really want is to stay in bed and sleep? It’s because your body takes this time to cleanse itself, it just wants you to rest, drink more water, eat less, stress less and minimize the exercise. And this is where a detox will help your body rid itself of these dangerous products and help prevent you from falling ill next time you’re introduced to any invaders.

But I’ve heard detox is bad? And yet I’ve also heard another say it’s super beneficial. Confused? Don’t worry, I totally understand which is why I want to dive into this whole detox idea a bit further.

For those who think detox is detrimental, they believe our bodies have the abilities to cleanse themselves and detoxing doesn’t really make a difference, so there really is no need. They further warn that if done, our bodies could be harmed and suffer some incredible damage. This is true if following an aggressive method and receiving your info from some YouTuber guru not properly trained medically. Remember, it’s important to check your facts and your source!

While I can partially agree that our bodies have ability to detox itself, there is a big BUT. Most individuals forget that the modern world in which we all live is completely unlike it was a thousand years ago or even a hundred ago before the Industrial Revolution and mass urbanization took place.

Our ancestors lived in a completely different world than the modernized one we live in now. They planted huge gardens, harvested mineral-rich fed fruits and vegetables, drank fresh stream water and breathed clean air. Our ancestors were abundantly rich in nature and incorporated more natural ways of living, as they lead slower lives allowing their bodies to better cope with healing. The body was able to perform cleansing as it should, normally.

As our world evolved, we evolved too. Human beings were always a part of nature until recent time when we became civilized and departed from laws of nature into artificial habits that we invented ourselves. We surrounded ourselves with industrial, financial, material, artificial system that has no place in a natural law. While our ancestors had hazards and stressors of their own, ours have become so detrimental to our health. In front of us we have poor quality food, pollution, depleted soil, constant stress, environmental illness, electromagnetic wave exposure, etc. We have changed the world and it has certainly changed us.

Our DNA has been mutated over time, the microbiome evolution has caused us illnesses not known to our ancestors and we have become victims of disease; disease created by our new way of living. Our colons are loaded with a repulsive noxious sludge, the result of an improper diet and a toxic environment.

In today’s world we are exposed to thousands of chemicals every day, completely unknown to our body. Further, we enhance our bodies with artificial substances that our bodies have not a clue how to process. Consumption of inorganic vitamins and drinking impure water causes calcification of body tissues which contributes to heart disease, kidney stones, gallstones, chronic inflammation, arthritis and the list goes on.

With all the stress we have daily, we have learned to feed our emotions, not our body. We don’t listen to our body because honestly many of us probably don’t even know how. Am I right? We are driven to make psychological food choices over biological ones. As we live in a world where food is in abundance and is available 24/7, year-round, food has become an addiction. It’s a ritual, a social thing. Our body has no time to rest or do its routine maintenance as it’s constantly busy with digesting and trying to utilize everything we put in our mouths.

Social media and TV tell us we need to eat all the time, snack between meals to keep us alive and energetic, yet a lot of people these days are suffering with chronic fatigue and low energy. And you probably think, how it’s even possible? I eat all the time, I snack, I exercise (oh don’t get me started on another stressor….exercise), I do whatever they say on the media outlets. Yet, come 40 years of age, we destroy our bodies, our visits to doctor become more frequent and they frighten us by listing all the potential pathogens coming for us to wreak havoc on our precious bodies.

Okay right….so back to our body’s ability to cleanse itself. Our body is a living organism, an eco-system that hosts trillions of microorganisms. It doesn’t know how to deal with inorganic and artificial materials. It’s not supposed to! Natural cleansing can only happen when digestive functions are finished, but because we eat all the time you can see we have a bit of a problematic situation on our hands. We don’t even give our body the chance to recover, heal, cleanse. It’s constantly busy digesting and utilising food. The heavier, more acidic, unnatural and complex the ingested food is, the more energy, enzymes and minerals our body wastes to digest, utilize and neutralize acids. And this is why our bodies are screaming for help out of this endless cycle of harm. If we only listened to their silent struggle and cry for what they need- a detox.

Alright, thinking you need to detox?

Firstly, detox is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t rush it. If the toxins, acidity, metabolic waste, heavy metals and dead cells have accumulated over a period of years, why would you torture yourself and expect your body to be in optimal health in just a matter of weeks? The damage done is going to take months, potentially years to reverse the neglect. However, by starting now, you’ll be on the road to a happier, healthier you instead of continuing to trail down the path of toxins. YOU can stop the pitiful cycle NOW.

Some of us may be in need of a detox more than others. The beauty is we can decide for ourselves what choices to make to lead us in healthier directions. We are in control of our own bodies and I think sometimes we forget that, whether that be because we let society dictate our diets and exercise regimens or because we are too busy to make time to care for ourselves and listen to our body’s needs.

If you live in a polluted, more crowded area, such as a big city, you’re exposed to more germs, processed foods, spend 8 hours a day enclosed by 4 walls, lit by artificial sources and overwork yourself to a greater extent when looking at our counterparts living in the countryside. Here, the gift of fresh air, gardens, and natural ways of living are more easily obtained. For those following a healthier lifestyle, a detox may not be as needed. Now I’m not saying you can’t be healthy if you live in a big city- of course you can! However, most likely the environmental toxicity exposure is greater and leads to greater cases of illness when crowded together. Just some food for thought!

Detox is something we should do on a regular basis if we want to keep our bodies fit and healthy, our minds clear and emotions stable for as long as possible. To be very clear, there’s a way to detox properly and all research and planning should be done ahead of time. A detox can look different for each person and while I’m not here to tell you the specifics needed by your body, I’m here to help you understand the reasoning behind detox and why for most people it serves as a huge benefit. I certainly don’t want to live with a bunch of gunk inside me, do you?

P.S. Detoxification science is mastered in years. Everyone is unique, there is nothing like one-size fits all detox program. Experienced specialist creates personalised detoxification program by analysing the body type, shape, age, health status, health goals, and so on. It is not just that everyone needs different approach, even every organ in a person requires different detoxification method.

So, if a Detox is what you are looking for, click HERE to schedule a session with me today where you will find out and more about Detox and what program will suit you more at your current health state.

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