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DETOXifying your body

Detoxifying the body is a common practice these days. It has been part of various traditional systems of medicines since ages. However, in recent years, its importance has increased as people are more probable to suffer from diseases caused by toxins. It is used not only to cleanse the body and feel better, but also to lose weight, help with addiction recovery, prevent chronic ailments, and much more.

Detoxification is a way to eliminate toxins from the human body, either by neutralizing them within the organism or helping the body to get rid of them through secretions. All this is done by boosting the metabolic process, assisting the body to mobilize internal resources.

Why is detox important?

Did you ever think why there has been a sharp increase in diabetes, hypertension, dementia, heart diseases, respiratory problems, joint diseases, autoimmune conditions, allergies, in just last 50 years or so? Two things that have changed a lot, leading to increased accumulation of toxins, they are environment and lifestyle. Changing environment may not be possible in most of the cases but cleansing your body through lifestyle measures like dieting, using herbs, medical procedures is possible.

The industrialization has led to the increased release of synthetic chemicals, metals, and other substances to the environment. This results in the accumulation of toxic substances in the human body, the substances that should not be there; these substances are called xenobiotics. Exposure to toxins happens continually, and they keep accumulating in the body, finally causing disruptions in body functions.

There are about 80 000 chemicals in use by various industries, and 2000 new chemicals are introduced to the market each year. It would be even impossible to count the number of by-products of these chemicals. This is just to show you how dangerous the situation has become. Most of these chemicals and by-products cause severe diseases.

Health departments know about these issues, and they also carry out “human biomonitoring” to study the accumulation of various toxins in the body (blood, urine, fat cells, breast milk, etc.) They also monitor sources like air, food, soil, and so on. Despite such a huge threat, such reports are rarely discussed.

Above reports leave no room for doubt that our body is bombarded by thousands of toxic chemicals every day, and yet we are not doing anything about it.

Detoxification should be a part of the lifestyle

People take steps only when they become ill or start feeling bad, but, by then, it may be too late for many. Just take an example of Dementia/Alzheimer’s or even diabetes; these conditions start about two decades before the diagnosis! – That is why when they are diagnosed; medications cannot cure or reverse them.

Detoxification must be a part of the lifestyle. You should not wait for the signs and symptoms of the disease to appear. It should be a regular practice for everyone. It is recommended that healthy people should detox at least twice a year to clean their body from toxins. Detoxification may also help get rid of certain toxins produced in the body as a result of metabolic processes.

Why can short detox relieve your symptoms, but just temporarily?

7-day detox plans are very popular these days, but they rarely work. Those who lose weight, gain it back in a very short time.

A 7-day detox plan is not only ineffective, but improperly planned detox plan may even harm your body. You must not be serious if you think that 7 days would be enough to reverse the changes caused by 20,30,40,50+ years of neglect. Even if you lose weight, it does not mean that you have cleansed your body. Toxins accumulated over the years are very stubborn; they cannot be readily mobilized or neutralized. There are no shortcuts to vibrant and healthy life. Damage done in decades can by no mean be reversed in days.

This does not mean that 7-day detox programs are irrelevant. But they are only suitable for those who regularly cleanse their bodies. However, it is not a way forward for those just starting their journey to a “new” and healthy life.

Some organs can be cleansed fast as their tissues are replaced really quick by the body, Like the upper layer of the small intestine (epithelium) is wholly renewed in 4-5 days. However, cells located in deeper layers of the intestine have turnover time in weeks. Blood cells are replaced every 3-4 months. Muscle cells are renewed in about six months. Regretfully, toxins are generally accumulated in the tissues that renew themselves slowly, in years, like liver, kidneys. Fat cells are renewed about once in 8 years, skeleton in 10 years, heart cells take 10 years at least. There are huge individual variances too, in some people tissues renew much slowly, cell renewal rate is also slow in older adults or those living with medical conditions.

So, now you can understand that there is a scientific reason to say that 7-day detox can help only minimally, and detoxification should be a lifelong practice.

Detoxification is a complex science

You may learn a trick or two through internet, but you cannot master a science of detoxification by self. Detoxification is a complex science, and results are achieved using combination of methods like:

· Cleansing foods

· Increased fruit and vegetable intake

· Supplementation by antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

· Organic foods

· Fasting

· Elimination diet – getting rid of some eating habits

· Probiotics – there are many of them, each for specific purpose

· Reduce environment exposure

· Stool bulking and increased intake of dietary fiber

· Sauna

· Skin brushing

· Lymphagogue herbs

· Physical activity

· Avoiding animal products

· Colonic irrigation

· Use of homeopathy, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and so on

· Laxative herbs

Detoxification science is mastered in years. Everyone is unique, there is nothing like one-size fits all detox program. Experienced specialist creates personalized detoxification program by analyzing the body type, shape, age, health status, health goals, and so on. It is not just that everyone needs different approach, even every organ in a person requires different detoxification method. What works for intestines may not work for the liver or fat cells.

So, if a Detox is what you are looking for, schedule a session with me today where you will find out and more about Detox and what program will suit you more at your current health state.

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